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Contact / Committées

NUASkom planning committées

If you would like to make a contribution at the conference, or if you have any questions about the event, you are always welcome to contact your fellow countryman in the planning group listed below.

NUASkom planning group

Kristin Asa Einarsdottir

Communications Officer, University of Iceland, Iceland
Chair of the Nuas Communication group
+354 699 3569

Katrin Arnadottir

Director of Marketing and Public Relations, University of Akureyri, Iceland
+354 460 8006

Maria Crona

Communications Manager,  Malmö University, Sweden
+46 40 6657 188

Christina Dahlgren

Director Artium at Linnaeus University, Sweden

Steinar Hafto Myre

Head of Communications at The Faculty of Law in Oslo, Norway.
Member of the planning group since Feb. 2020.
+47 9241 5962

Karin Hannukainen

Communications Specialist, Communications and Community Relations, University of Helsinki, Finland
+358 50 415 03 28

Sanna Kähkönen

Communications Officer, 
Communications, Tampere University, Finland
+358 50 301 5981

Lykke Thostrup

Communications Officer, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 51 70 01 24

Jørgen Thune Johnsen 

Senior Adviser, Communication Division, University of Bergen, Norway
+47 55 58 49 36

NUASkom local organisers

Thurid Eriksson

Communications Manager, Communications,  Åbo Akademi University, Finland
+358 400 534 430

Mari Ratia

Translator, Communications Unit, University Communications
University of Turku, Finland
+358 50 574 6388


Registration and practical details

If you have any questions regarding registration, accommodation, or the social programme, please contact Aboa Congress and Event Services