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Anastasia McAvennie

Creating an immersive digital campus experience for a global audience
Aalto University campus is located in Espoo, Finland and is known for its lush green areas, refreshing nature, breathtaking architecture, and multifunctional facilities. As part of our visitor experience development, the university was looking to create a digital solution that would enable different stakeholders to experience Aalto University’s campus and its atmosphere in an immersive and interactive way, regardless of their geographical location. Considering university’s prestigious reputation and strong visual identity, it was of high importance to make sure that this digital solution reflects and enhances the Aalto University brand.

In this circus session you will hear about the process of creating Aalto University’s virtual campus experience, lessons learnt along the way and how this service was utilized in more ways than it was even originally planned. In 2021, Aalto University’s virtual campus experience won two international awards (gold and silver).

What I Do

I work as Aalto University’s Visitor Experience Specialist, within the Global Engagement team. My main role is to create concepts and develop services that have a positive impact on visitor experience across different visitor segments’ (potential student applicants, delegations, tourists etc.). I am particularly curious about utilizing technology to deliver memorable and engaging experiences and including end users in the co-creation process. For that reason, Aalto University’s Virtual Campus Experience project has been an extremely fascinating and educational process.