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Anna Maria Einarsdóttir

Can we get the message across with a KISS?

The Nielsen Norman Group, World Leaders in Research-Based User Experience say that users want clear, concise information devoid of unnecessary jargon or complex terms. Plain language benefits both the users and organizations. The term KISS is used in Technical Diving and stands for Keep It Super Simple, or as some say “Keep it Simple Stupid“ Is the KISS method suitable for web content for higher educational institutions?

I will be addressing fundamental questions such as:

  • What is the KISS method?
  • The pros and cons of KISS
  •  What is the ”byproduct” of KISS in the context of content?
  • Does marketing need to rethink how to get a message across to users
  • Does the average user have less tolerance for written texts on the web?
  • How do people read on web
  • Tools to use
  • It’s not a murder mystery!
What I Do

Anna Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Managerment (2005), a Masters degree in Business Strategy and Management (2016) and an additional diploma in Web Communication (2017).

She teaches two master‘s courses at the University of Iceland.

  • Fundamentals in Web Communications
  • User Experience and Web Requirements Gathering

After 9 years as an office manager at Islandsbanki she made the second U-turn in her career focusing on Web development with emphasize on User Experience (UX). The first U-turn was when she left her career in the City theatre as a professional Make-up artist and Wigmaker after 17 years of working in the field.

On top of that she is a successful PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor in Iceland. One could say she is a talent of many faces.