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Evelina Carey, Kenan Keljalic

Linje 14 – Student participation driving widening participation

Since 2003 Örebro University has been working closely with local authorities to increase interest in higher education amongst 13 – 15-year-olds.

Their Linje 14 project takes University students off campus and into schools where they have the chance to meet pupils, run activities and share their experience of University life.

It helps pupils, often from families with a non-academic background, broaden their outlook and develop an awareness and interest in how higher education can help them pursue their ambitions in life.

The project currently works with nine schools, includes over 90 ‘student ambassadors’, runs over 500 activities (e.g. homework support, workshops, Summer Schools etc.) and impacts on the lives of more than 3,500 school pupils each year.

It’s a long-running project with an excellent reputation. And it’s a project that works. This is illustrated not only through yearly evaluations by external researchers, but also by the number of past Linje 14 participants who are thriving on Örebro University’s campuses and other universities today.

What We Do

Evelina Carey, Collaboration Coordinator, Örebro University

Kenan Keljalic, Project Manager, Örebro University