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Gitte Gravengaard

The future communications advisor

How does the effective and efficient communications advisor think and act in her professional practice?
What does best practice look like? And how can the communications advisor work strategically on becoming a trusted communications advisor?

Based on the research project ‘The Communications Advisor of the Future’, Gitte Gravengaard and Anders Monrad Rendtorff will characterize three important meta themes deriving from the 85 interviews, 13 workshops and 2 surveys among Danish Communications advisors and the people they advise.

The three meta themes touch upon these three questions:
How do you create trustful relationships with the people you advise?
How do you understand and navigate the business context?
And what is the relevant competence profile of the communications advisor of the future?

What I Do

Gitte Gravengaard is Associate Professor, PhD, at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen. Gravengaard is the experienced communications researcher who conducts research within the areas of strategic communication, communication consultancy, research communication, journalism, and internships. She has written several peer-reviewed monographs as well as a large number of peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and conference papers. Gravengaard is the director of the research project: ‘The Advisor of the Future’, and the project ‘CEO Communication and the Future Communication Advisor’ which is a part of this key-note, is a part of this larger research project.
Gravengaard is the experienced research communicator – and also the communications scholar regarding and analysing the professional practice of the communications advisors as a cultural outsider to the industry. She offers a structured and academic approach, an updated theoretical knowledge and much experience in creating substantial research-based knowledge ensuring the solidity of the research project as well as findings and conclusions.

Experience, research, books and else

Gravengaard and Rendtorff has recently published a book on research communication: ‘Forskningskommunikation’. The book takes its point of departure in research within strategic communications and PR, media and journalism research, and research on research communication. Also, the book is based on a range of interviews with researchers, journalists and communications advisors from universities.
The authors present a range of tools as to how to create a strategy for research communication, how to use traditional and social media for research communication; how to collaborate with communication advisors etc.

Based on their recent research project on communications advisors, Gravengaard and Rendtorff (with K. Eiberg) publish the book ‘The Communications Advisor’ in September 2022.
This book proposes a detailed description of what it takes to become a trusted communications advisor. Based on substantial research – their own research project and others’ – this book focuses on how to work strategically on becoming an effective and efficient communication advisor by analysing how experienced communication advisors think and act. Thus, this book combines research and practice as well as scholars and practitioners in a process of co-creation when setting out to describe the endeavour of becoming the trusted communications advisor.