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Guðrún J. Bachmann

The Icelandic Knowledge Train
Where science meets society – social inclusion in practice

The Knowledge Train has toured Iceland since the spring of 2011, offering science engagement activities for all age groups.

The train is run by the University of Iceland and the crew is members of our academic staff and students. At each “station”, they offer varied hands-on courses and workshops for school children and teachers. Also, the whole local community is invited to a colourful Science Feast.

Each visit lasts for two days and we have visited 44 destinations, all over the country.

All planning and preparation is carried out in close collaboration with the local municipalities, school authorities and local enterprises. The topics and subjects presented in the Train are often linked to the surrounding nature, environment or local economy. The content is also intended to support and inspire the local teachers.

The train provides unique opportunities for reaching both geographically and socially hard to communities that seldom have access to events of this type, thus opening up new possibilities of social inclusion and science engagement.

Close collaboration with the local community is key to this project. Also flexibility, endless energy, a wonderful crew – and funding.

What I Do

Gudrun Bachmann is conductor of the award winning Knowledge Train.

Gudrun J. Bachmann,
Head of Science Engagement Outreach
MSc in Science Communication
University of Iceland