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Jesper Vinther and Kenneth Johansen

How do UCPH meet people - working with photos and texts following our principle of experience

How do we express the core values of a large university in a modern society through communication – particularly if the university has no previous tradition for doing so from a common foundation?

In 2018 the University of Copenhagen set out to answer this question by creating a new ”Principle of Experience” – a set of guidelines for all who writes, speaks, and visually communicates on behalf of the university.

The presentation will focus on the process of creating the Principle of Experience and on some of the incentives behind it. Through various cases we will also talk about its practical implementation in our daily work as communicators.

What I Do

Jesper Vinther

Works primarily with external communication, student recruitment, and campaign development at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. With a background as video/television producer, I now work with many types of content for web, video, animation, social media, outdoor media and printed publications.

Kenneth Johansen

Graphic design and campaigns combined with strategic projects and planning are my primary tasks at the Faculty of Science.
The primary purpose is to attract, recruit and retain students through balanced marketing and information.
I work with visual content for web, video, animation, social media, outdoor media and print publications.