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Johanna Lindström

Engaging students in marketing and communications
Since 2010 we have been working with different types of activating project-based learning methods on our marketing courses at Åbo Akademi. The number of students taking part of these courses vary from 5 to about 150. Some projects are integrated as part of regular courses (course projects) and other courses are designed specifically around specific projects (project courses). Each project involves a real company or organization and an actual challenge that this organization faces. Most our projects aim at engaging students in the client organization’s marketing and communication. In the past 10 years, projects have been realized in collaboration with local SMEs, large multinational corporations, municipalities, educational programs and different units at Åbo Akademi.

In this circus session I will share a few examples of marketing projects that have been completed in the past few years, focusing specifically on how we have engaged students in Åbo Akademi’s marketing and communication. I will also discuss a few critical lessons learned from ten years of engaging students in these kinds of project-based learning activities.

What I Do

Johanna Lindström, University Teacher in International Marketing, Åbo Akademi University School of Business and Economics,
Teaches courses in Basics of marketing, Consumer behavior and Marketing communication. Doctoral dissertation on young adults’ changing media behavior and digital distraction to be defended in April 2020. Other research interests: media and consumer behavior in the digital era, pedagogical development