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Ida Rutström and Jill Jönsson

Internal communications specialists for rent – a success concept and our lessons learned along the way

At many universities there is a need for professional communication support, paired with limited resources. At Karolinska Institutet this partly led to the creation of a smaller inhouse bureau with information officers available to hire for short-term projects and content production. Over the years, the bureau has evolved to the Communication Consultants team (“Kommunikatörspoolen”) with continuing assignments lasting for numerous years where the consultants work closely with the departments’ management. The customer satisfaction has scored 100% three years in a row, and the team has contributed to a greater understanding of communication at the university. Learn what we think is the key to making the team of internal consultants a successful concept, but also about our mistakes along the way.

What I Do

Ida Rutström, Communications officer and team leader for the Communication Consultants Team.

Ida Rutström has for many years been working as a communications officer. During her years at Karolinska Institutet she has had several assignments as internal communication consultant. She has also developed a new model for the inhouse bureau and today, she leads the team of five internal communications consultant. Ida Rutström has a degree in web content management and design and has Bachelor of Arts.

Jill Jönsson, Head of the Unit for Internal Communication and Operational Support.

Jill Jönsson has worked at Karolinska Institutet for more than 10 years and has since 2017 been responsible for the Communication Consultants team. She has also worked in the team with different assignments part-time. Jill Jönsson has a Master in biomedicine and is trained journalist.