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Heikki Kettunen, Mari Ratia

Using Reddit as a platform for science communication

The idea is to implement elements of gamification at the University of Iceland (UoI) area at the UTmessan (ITmass conference) in February 2020.

Each year at UTmessan the UoI invites the public to experience and learn about research and projects connected to computer science, information technology and computer engineering.

To enhance the participation of the visitors we will offer them to participate in a treasure hunt, where the only thing you will need is your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

Reddit, or “the front page of Internet” is one the most popular websites in the world. Reddit is not a conventional social media but rather a social news site that engages its users in discussion on different current topics.

Thus far, organizations have not used Reddit as a staple of their communication pallet. At the University of Turku, we have used Reddit for a year to gain a wider audience for our scientific press releases.

In a short time, we have seen interesting developments in our English science communications and had some great success. In our presentation, we introduce Reddit as a new channel for university communications for higlighting recent research.

What I Do

Heikki Kettunen works as a communications officer in the University of Turku Communications unit. He established the University‘s Reddit account and follows the impact of the posts.

Mari Ratia works as a translator at the University of Turku Communications unit. Together with the international communications team, she posts the press releases to Reddit.