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Lilly Korpiola

Crisis communications in the digital risk society

Participants will learn about crisis communication and gain insight in strategies. The workshop contains  practical ideas as well as exercises.

What I Do

Lilly Korpiola is a Finnish media strategist, author and CEO of strategic communication company Recado. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki and MA from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has written six non-fiction books based on academic studies (Arab spring 2012 nominated as the best Finnish nonfiction). She has published academic papers in political communications and media studies focusing on crisis situation. Lilly is an international keynote speaker and she trains and coaches public institutions, governmental officials, universities, business executives and communication professionals e.g. in strategic leadership, crisis communications and strategic communications.

In her key note she will show, based on the latest research, how the Digital risk society operates and how organizations can develop their communication competencies for risk and crisis communication in order to maintain and restore organizations public legitimacy and reputation.

Korpiola will focus particularly on concept of ‘mal-information’ and moral panics i.e., reframing facts in a way that influences and harm the reputation of an organization.