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Lilly Korpiola

Crisis in practice “Emotions and affects in the hybrid media system”.

Workshop: Crisis in practice “Emotions and affects in the hybrid media system”. Duration: 2 hours.
This workshop involves practical team work with relevance to the university world.

Shared collective emotions has been the central idea in the classical media events theory. Hybrid media system provide a space to spread emotions and express them – both negative and positive. Through positive or negative emotional content, the audiences are forming various social networks and socially constructed solidarities. Shared emotions in social media discussions draw attention, ‘validate’ the argument and dramatize the media event while directing the public attention.

• What role emotions and affects play in the construction of the media event?
• How ‘mediated emotions’ are created, circulated and re-enforced?
• How the algorithms are re-enforcing and spreading the emotional content?
• How and through what kind of communications in hybrid media system a sense of psychological safety can be obtained in times of crisis?

What I Do

Lilly Korpiola is a Finnish media strategist, keynote speaker and author of several books and academic articles. Korpiola has experience of over 25 years in developing organizations and their strategy in Finland and internationally. Her special expertise encompasses strategic communication, such as leadership and crisis communication and change leadership.

Lilly Korpiola demonstrates that communication is a strategic capability in the media society.

She also coaches and advises authorities, public organizations and companies in the areas of leadership and crisis communication, change leadership and organizational development.

Her upcoming book ’Digital Risk Society’,  discusses how we should understand the current global change in communications and societes.