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Michael Munch

Honestly speaking: "The Student Journey"

Over the past two years, we’ve created the documentary series Studierejsen (“The Student Journey” in English). This series follows two students – Sebastian and Katrine – during their first few years at Aarhus University. It is produced in collaboration with an external documentary maker and has one main rule: the story should be told as honestly as possible on the participants’ own terms.

As viewers, we witness Sebastian and Katrine’s journey through their student life. We hear how fantastic student life can be, with its sense of community, study groups and Friday bars, but we also learn about the difficult times – the long hours in the reading rooms, the lack of motivation and the unfair examiners.

Studierejsen plays a huge part in our brand communication. It has been welcomed by potential students and well received in general. Because it’s honest.

But how does it feel to set the narrative free? What is the idea behind the series? How does it feel to put your money on the line, believe in your brand and story, and tell things as they are? That’s what this presentation is about. Told honestly by me.

What I Do
With an educational background in Social Anthropology, I’m interested in social identity, marketing communication and brand communication.

During the past 10 years I’ve worked with marketing and branding within the football industry and recently at Aarhus University where my focus is student recruitment, marketing campaigns and brand management.