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Michelle Ingrid Greene

Student recruitment – Creating cooperation between competitors

How do 8 educational institutions in Bergen work together as an alliance and cooperate on student recruitment initiatives, despite their competitive positions and different recruitment strategies?

Study Bergen is a unique alliance in Norway. For almost 25 years, the academic institutions in the city have collaborated with the municipality, county municipality and student welfare organisation on an array of student recruitment activities to tertiary education. This cooperation also occurs within academic fields where alliance members compete for the same students.

In this circus you will learn how Study Bergen works toward commons goals whilst simultaneously navigating the diverse needs of their members. What are the characteristics of our most successful projects, and which challenges do we face when cooperating as an alliance?

The political organisational landscape of region has recently changed, and the Norwegian university sector is changing. How has the alliance, and how should the alliance continue to adapt to these changes?

What I Do?
CEO of Study Bergen.