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Anitta Pirnes & Anne Tapanainen

Building a living strategy – how to get everyone onboard?

At Aalto University, we greatly appreciate the expertise and perspectives of our community and stakeholders. Therefore, both staff and students as well as external stakeholders were invited to participate in the preparation of the university’s new strategy. This started our journey towards a more dynamic way of planning the university’s future – a ‘living’ strategy.

After 12 months, during which there were several community events with 820 participants and roughly 3300 comments related to our future, we developed a strategy that resonates with the community. By working together during the process, we learned a lot about ourselves and built a sense of community around the strategy – and we even succeeded in creating a process that works even in exceptional times.

What I Do

Anitta Pirnes

Anitta Pirnes works as a manager of internal and strategy communications at Aalto University. Before joining the Aalto community, she worked in various organisational communications roles in private and public companies and communication agencies.

Anne Tapanainen

Anne Tapanainen works as a communications specialist at Aalto University with a focus on internal communications. Prior to this role, she worked in various communications positions at Aalto’s art & design and science schools.